How to Paint with Diamonds

Diamond Painting is sweeping the world. It is an inspiring and relaxing handicraft where paintings come to life before your eyes. The painter uses tiny colored “drills”, which have a flat side and a 5D top side, and places them on a numbered adhesive canvas. As each piece is placed, the image becomes clearer and you will have more and more desire to finish it! Try now and enjoy your free time painting with diamonds!

How To Diamond Painting Video

10 Simple Steps To Painting With Diamonds

1. When diamond painting kit arrives open and inspect components.

2. Locate color code on the inventory sheet and check to make sure you have all your diamond painting gems.

3. Get diamond painting tools ready: drill pen, wax and drill tray.

4. Peel back a small section of the protective paper from a corner, identify the colors for this section.

5. Pour diamond drills into the tray. Diamond dots are small aren’t they!

6. Dip drill pen tip into glue. Easy to do.

7. Place drill pen tip onto the top of the diamond drill.

8. Place drills, flat side down, on corresponding square until picture is complete.

9. Press completed diamond painting with large book to help diamonds stick better.


10. Frame your diamond painting and hang proudly or give as a gift to family or a friend.